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21.94 GiB (23557168580 Bytes)
2012-12-05 20:50:02 GMT
thenoobish VIP

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_>       )/ Y | i  n  s  o  m  n  i  e  s :..::_/__ /      )/~)/!Fs/sac


~                               	Ubisoft


~                           DATE  :  05/12/2012

Platform...: PS3            |    Format....: ins-acet *
Filename...: ins-acet*      |    Size......: 91 x 250 MB
Source.....: BR             |    Publisher.: Ubisoft
Region.....: USA            |    Languages.: MULTI



thanks again Can u UPload king of fighter XIII for ps3 PLEASE
What about the already existing torrent here on tpb? :)
The default game that starts is Revelations which you can play without installing.

AC2 and AC:Brotherhood are PKG files which must be installed like PSN games. Internal drive space needed is 17 GB for both. They cannot be played by just running the mounted game. But the disc needs to be mounted while playing them. (unless a crack appears)

Everything working on Rogero 4.30.

Thanks for this!!
Can I Download Just The Assassin's Creed II PKG ?
I Mean, I Already Have AC Revelations, So Can I Download Just The PKGs And Run It With No Problems ? (Sorry The Bad English ._.)

1-Just Click on the torrent on utorrent.

2- Chose Files Bar on the bottom .

3- and Files U wont to skip Downloading it Just Right click on it and chose ( Dont download ) .


Its only that
plz . the pkg file is 8 gb & cannot be moved on fat 32 system so could i split it ??
Working on Rogero 4.31 v2.05
Working on Rogero 4.31 v2.05...
How do I install AC 2 and AC Brotherhood?

download this application (ps3splitter​ v1)

and install it and split the .pkg to 2 files and multiman will join it be sure that multiman are the last version
USERS HAVING PROBLEM WITH PKG FILES IN EZIO TRILOGY: Well, the first step is to lower caps from the .pkg files. They appear like these: 'PKG' and should be 'pkg'. 2nd, use ps3split. It will make lots of files. So you should then go into mM and 'install package files'. Then you pres / after the files have been united. Go into XMB and use 'install package files'. You'll see INSTALL.pkg and it will be about 7gb. That will install the ACII. Do that for revelations and it's done.

Do you think you could please elaborate? Is it supposed to take a really long time to install the pkg file to the xmb?

Do you think you could elaborate? What am i supposed to press and when? and is it supposed to take a really long time to install the INSTALL.pkg on the xmb?

Also, what firmware are you using?
i downloaded AC:Revelations from this torrent ...
and it is not working on rogero 4.40 v1.03 ... tell me what to do ... my email ID is [email protected]
it worked for me .... if you want to play AC:Revelations then you just have to create a folder in USRDIR named ASSASSIN_ISO .... that's it .... the game will work and play smoothly without any problem ... i am on 4.46 v1.01 ...
No matter what I try, this torrent doesn't work. I've split the file(s) over 4GB. I'm running on 1TB external Toshiba HDD. Kicks back to XMB from Multiman as per normal, then when I start the game, it kicks back to MM. Every. time.

: (